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Social media marketing is a modern trend in organizations' integrated marketing communication strategy. Integrated marketing communication is a theory in where the organizations follow to get connect with their targeted markets. Social Media coordinates the elements of the supporting combinations; advertising, public relations, personal selling, direct marketing, publicity, and sales promotion. The increasing viral marketing campaigns now are grouped to Social Media. In the normal marketing communications methodology the medium of communication is by the organizations in association with external agents like; advertising agencies, public relations firms and marketing research firms etc., however, the growth of social media has shown its effect on the way the organizations communicate. By the coming out of Web 2.0, the internet provides allow people to build social contacts and business connections, share information and work together on projects online.


Social media marketing programs generally points on effort to create content that eye catches the attention and encourages visitors to readers and share it with their social networks. A business message spreads from user to user and apparently boom because it is coming from a trusted source, as different to the brand or company itself.

Social media has become a platform that is easily accessible to anyone with internet access. Increased communication for organizations promotes brand awareness and better client/customer service. Besides, social media serves as a quite economical platform for organizations to carry out marketing campaigns. With coming out of services like Facebook, Twitter, etc., the difficulty to entry in social media is really reduced.

Social media marketing when applied to internet marketing is known as SMO, Social Media Optimization that benefits the organizations and individuals by providing an additional channel for customer support, a means to gain customer and competitive approaching, staffing and maintenance of new customers/business partners, and a procedure of managing their reputation online. The Key features that make certain for its success are its importance to the customer, the importance it provides them by means of the strength of the base on which it is built. A strong base serves as a place or platform in which the organization can focus its information and direct customers on its latest developments via other social media canal, such as article and press release journal.


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